Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Bimbo: Farnese Hercules Lo

Here's the original black & white version from the Bimbo comic on the left, and an alternate color version of the Lo as the famous Greek Sculpture of Hercules on the right. 

I'd love to see a Color version of the Bimbo series too, which is tempting, but I'm probably better off not swimming backwards and instead just finish up Nola.


Anonymous said...

Yes, a colored version would be fantastic.

juvinwo said...

I agree sam. Would be great, but you are right, keep swimming forward!

James Best said...

Love Bimbo, can't wait for Nola. Thanks for sharing this.

ferris said...

Any new work from you is exciting, but I'd love to see a color version of Bimbo at some point too. I don't really think of something like that as moving backwards, since color can bring such a difference to the art and reading experience.

I also hope that someday you're able to release that "ultimate" version of the Maxx you talked about at one point, with the unreleased issues/extra pages.

Really enjoy this blog, cheers!

Anonymous said...

bigger reprint of Bimbo, yeah.

Anonymous said...

Hire someone you trust, whose work you admire to colour BIMBO for you. If you do decide to reprint, either in b&w or colour, may I suggest enlarging the print size.

Those pages were jam packed full of tiny little panels if I recall.

PS. I like toast.

-Paul O.